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Some Amazing Facts

HotelUP is a web application as well as a mobile application, that allows you to browse all the services provided by your hotel. Here you will find more information about the main features of HotelUP.

Main features

The purpose of the internet application HOTELUP is to facilitate the guests of a hotel in booking services or a table at the restaurant and in reaching the location of the hotel. All this happens through an Internet enabled device (smartphone, laptop, tablet). The app aims to offer a hotel administrative area (admin panel) and consumer part, to be used by guests.

Login for guests

Upon registration at the hotel, guests receive a sheet of paper with a special code that serves as a unique login code.

Booking a service

The application provides a list of services that the hotel offers. Booking happens quickly with just a few clicks.

Live chat system

Dynamic chat system provides live connection between guests and hotel workers.

Explore the map

The app allows you to find the shortest way from your current position to the hotel, using 2D and 3D maps.

Looking for Customers
Completed Pages
Rows of Code

Some screenshots

Here you will find images from the user's panel and the admin panel.

Benefits of this App

Read about the benefits of our application for both guests and hotel staff.

Saving time

Using the application HotelUP, workers at the facility will save time and money by managing the spa and reception much more easily.

New statistics

Using the application HotelUP, the hotel receives a set of statistics related to the current guests in the hotel.


Using the application HotelUP, the hotel becomes part of Digital Age, quickly picking up its pace in recent times

Services advertising

Using the application HotelUP, the hotel services can reach a larger number of your guests

Increase earnings

Using the application HotelUP, your earnings from internal services will increase by up to 25%.

Better experience

Your customers will receive an innovative and modern application, which will certainly improve their satisfaction during their stay.

Try HOTELUP today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions and answes to them.

Who are the authors of this startup?

The creators of the project are two students in the Foreign Language School in Blagoevgrad. CEO of the startup is Mr. Georgi Mutafchiev, a student in the 10th grade, dealing with entrepreneurship, web design and programming. Creative Director of the idea is Mr. Asen Georgiev, also a student in the 10th grade. Asen is engaged primarily in web design, programming and science.

For which hotels is the application intended?

The application is designed for hotels that have at least 3 stars. Restrictions on the size of the hotel are not established. The hotel must have at least 3 computers and a stable internet connection with accpetable speed.

How can you get the app?

To place an order of the application HotelUP you need to fill out the following form. We will contact you as soon as possible to introduce you to our tariff plans and conditions.